The Essential Tech You Need to Get Started with Podcast Guest Appearances

Getting interviewed on a podcast is a fantastic strategy for expanding your Brand and getting in front of your target audience. 

When you first begin guest interviewing on podcasts, tech challenges can be an obstacle.

Unlike various other mediums such as video, the required equipment for podcasting is fairly minimal, so this is a tiny obstacle to conquer. You just require a couple of things to get started.

Start Simple and Scale-up

When you make a decision to start podcasting, as a host or guest, you might feel inclined to buy heap of state-of-the-art equipment.

The proper approach is to begin with free or easy solution and after that scale up as necessary.

When you choose to upgrade, after a trial with basic equipments, you'll have a much better understanding of specifically what you need. You will be able to compare and contrast different equipments: microphone and audio editing software features. 

Computer and Web Connection

Naturally, you will need a computer and a fast wifi connection. It's essential that they are trustworthy. Better not to have a phone battery lose connection mid-interview.

Podcast hosts frequently use programs like Skype, Zoom, or GoToMeeting for interviews, so download and install the program well beforehand to make sure you are comfortable using it.


You don't require a professional-grade microphone to be a guest on a podcast. However, you certainly require something more than your computer system or mobile phone's built-in mic. Sound quality is basically crucial for an audio tool such as podcasting.

There is a head-spinning selection of rates and styles with all type of attributes you might or might not need. The main thing to take into consideration is the setting where you'll be recording. Are you recording in a silent space or an area where there will be background noise? This will certainly establish the type of mic you need.

There are several options out there, the most suggested mic for podcast recording is USB/XLR condenser or dynamic mics. These have the best reaction.

Earbuds or headphones

For guest podcasting, you may require, earbuds or earphones. The speakers on your computer/phone, while ok for listening for leisure, sound quality can be poor. Earbuds are an easy option.

You will be able to keep track of  sound, although this isn't as crucial for guests as it is for podcast producers. Buzzing or disruptive ambient sound, can be block with earphones. 

Pop Filter

It may be wise to purchase a pop filter if you're preparing to quest speak up on podcasts on a regular basis.

A pop filter is a mechanism that goes in front of the microphone with a mesh that protects against the 'popping sounds' of  P's and B's when we speak. 

Without one, any type of popping audios in your recordings can be an awful distraction to listeners. You can learn to decrease popping sound by angling your face,  when you speak into the microphone.  

Pop filters are very affordable. Have a clear audio makes it easier for your message to come through.

Appearing as a Podcast Guest

With several million people listening everyday to over 850,000 active podcasts. A Health & Lifestyle Entrepreneur, is a subject matter Professional. There are lots of opportunities to expand your company brand by being a podcast guest. 

Locating the ideal podcast for your niche subject, fine-tuning your pitch, and crafting your brand story are key elements to having a rewarding podcast interview. 

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